Get a huge edge on your competition with your very own Monster ad van. Built in-house to the highest spec by our team of expert professionals, making an investment in your own ad van will give you the freedom to take your message to anyone, anywhere at anytime

Some Monster facts…

83% of people recall seeing OOH advertising within the last 30 minutes before shopping

(Source: OMC – Last Window of Influence, 2011)

We spend as much time under the influence of OOH ads when walking as we do when travelling by car

(Source: Route)

We are 33% more alert when out-of-home

(Source: OMC – The Active Space, 2013)


Monster advertising vans are perfect for reaching today’s modern, urban and mobile audience. Their mobility and immediacy offers a reliable and flexible advertising solution that delivers consistently and gives you a huge edge on your competitors.


With being so versatile, it’s important to understand how your investment can be returned when using your new ad van to its full potential. City centre locations, peak time traffic routes, festivals, formal and guerilla events, demographic targeting and strategic placement are advertising opportunities totally unique to mobile DOOH advertising and are guaranteed to bring in a much higher return on investment than traditional advertising techniques.


Lionsgate, Disney, Subway, Bradford College, Shipley College and South Yorkshire Police are just a handful of our clients. Mobile DOOH advertising is perfect for both the public and private sector. When purchasing your own Monster ad van you’ll be investing in a product and team that are at the leading edge of mobile DOOH advertising, with a professional work ethic and customer service that are second to none.


Cost of ownership is simple, quick and comes with a promise of a hassle-free handover. We can provide full training in sales, marketing, vehicle systems and vehicle rotational geography placements – arming you with the knowledge on where and how to use your vehicle to its full potential.


If you need any more information about the services we offer please get in touch! We always cater to meet the requirements of your business and we’d be more than happy to help you find the best solution for your needs.