With our new Christmas in Leeds campaign, in conjunction with “Welcome to Leeds”, we wanted retailers to help us by introducing unified opening hours.

We travelled for 15 days around Leeds Centre and its outskirts in order to target Christmas shoppers and raise awareness. We left no stone unturned to create a personalized plan, and this was an opportunity to get involved with community and the festive spirit. It was an opportunity for us to help the community and thus each individual business.
Utilizing our vigorous promotion of Leeds as a city which is open for business all year round, and one which works harder rather than slacking off at Christmas time, we brought huge numbers of extra visitors into our great city!

Through extensive research and promotional work in areas, and our unique planning and execution, we raised the awareness of people and we are extremely delighted to inform that it had a great effect on people. The client was extremely satisfied with the results and the success rate of the campaign was really commendable.