Requirements: Sefton council was having a major issue with fly tipping. They used our digital advan to create awareness of their tough penalty.

Solution: We took proper steps that could enhance the awareness and ultimately make a difference.
Why was this so helpful? Well, most fly tippers weren’t malicious, and they most likely didn’t give what they were doing a second thought. We provided that second thought and helped people see why they shouldn’t do it again. Cutting down on litter isn’t just about making things look nicer for the council – it’s about making things look nicer for everyone. It’s also about health and safety, and that was a point we really nailed in.

Outcome: The campaign was a huge success, and the digital advan also appeared in the local newspaper. This offered us extra promotion when it came to letting people know of the council’s new marketing campaign. The client, thankfully, was very happy with the results. We were very happy with them