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If you buy a Digital Advan, you can become part of the Digital Out of Home explosion in growth that has taken place in recent years. Therefore staying ahead of the game when it comes to tech and innovation.

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How can owning an advan benefit my brand?

Digital Advans have become increasingly popular over recent years and deliver a unique and highly attractive media for marketers and businesses alike.

Large cities like New York and Las Vegas have already adopted Advans within their experiential marketing and have seen a huge spike in interest. The UK is only at the beginning, yet we have seen them used brands such as ITV, Virgin and Vodafone.

So when you buy a digital Advan, you are in good company.

Buy a Digital Advan

Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness, and engaging audiences is our speciality. Unlike other advertising options, Advans can help you to deliver hand-picked routes and destinations. That means you’ll be at the heart of the action, whether that’s an event, prime-time traffic, or placing yourself on a competitor’s doorstep.

With a combination of your branding and the most advanced LED screens on the market, you’ll definitely catch eyes wherever you’ll go.

Buy a Digital Advan

Media or Ad Agency

As an agency, you may be considering the option to buy a Digital Advan to utilise for your own business. And in doing so save money on your marketing campaigns and have the ultimate control for your clients.

You would utilise your Digital Advan, 365 days a year in a highly cost-efficient manner, whilst also maintaining a residual value of your asset.

Buy a Digital Advan

Media Owners

If you are a media owner, then you now have the option to buy a Digital Advan and give your customers yet another media opportunity.

Adding a Digital Advan or more than one van to your media portfolio, will give you the opportunity to target areas of towns and cities that up until now may not have been available to you. If there is a road, a Digital Advan can bring your client’s message to consumers.

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Van Conversions

Have you got a van you are looking to convert?

Whether it’s a delivery van or an equipment van, we can transform it into something spectacular. Double-sided, single-sided or raised. You name it we build it.

So Contact Us Now with your vehicle make/model and let’s get building.

buy a digital advan
buy a digital advan
Other Advan Formats

Double-sided, single-sided or raised. You name it we can do it.

Single-sided Advan

Available in 18sqm or 20sqm, these single-sided vans are a great option for static displays.

Raised Screen Advan

Want to make more of a splash, then you can have the display raised hydraulically once the Advan is parked.

Double-sided Advan

Don’t need the full tri-sided van? Then we also supply double-sided vans or can convert your existing vehicle to a double-sided Advan.

Bespoke Advan

Got an idea? Then let’s start talking. We’d love to help you realise your Advan vision. Everything is on the table with a Monster Advan.

Buy a Digital Advan

We have finance options available to make buying a Digital Advan easier.

Don’t know if you want to buy a Digital Advan or convert your existing vehicle? No worries, just get in touch. We can look at financing the purchase of a brand new Advan. We will do all the hard work and build you the perfect van.

Or let’s discuss the conversion of your own vehicle.

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Buy a Digital Advan

Generate revenue with a Digital Advan

You may be considering expanding or starting an Advan business. There is high demand for tri-sided Digital Advans and this gives you peace of mind when investing in our vehicles.

Digital Advans Education

Advan advertising is an ideal outdoor format for marketing or recruitment campaigns for any educational institution.
Perfect for capturing the young audiences attention and families passing by.

Digital Advans in Retail

Digital Advans are perfect to increase brand awareness within a city or local community.
Great for securing a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Digital Advans for Events/Entertainment

Get in the middle of your community and draw crowds in with state of the art LED screens combined with stereo speakers.
Perfect for promoting events and grabbing attention at festivals.

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