We were approached by a top branding agency to support Vodafones presence in the Lord Mayors parade and create a high impact Visual that would help them stand out from the crowd and allow them to entice attendees to get interact with Vodafone and showcase their views of the parade.

The solution

Utilising our unique tri side Digital advans wrapped in brand colours complete with a unique rooftop awning of the London skyline to re-enforce Vodafone’s position as the capitals mobile network provider. The ad vans would take prominent position at the front of Vodafone’s procession.


  • Increased brand awareness
  • Unique multi format high impact and creative campaign.
  • Vodafone wrapped the whole van red in Vodafone brand colours & logos.
  • Added a model London skyline on top of the van to make it look even more attractive.
  • Vodafone promo staff walking beside the van handing out promo materials such as sim cards. Great consumer engagement with Music playing from the van speakers.
  • Vodafone promo staff were really engaging &having fun with the audience.
  • Monster had to perfectly time the graphics (remotely) on the LED screen to change over whilst the van drove past a specific landmark to mention the history of that area etc.
  • Monster was in constant communication via radio on the day of the parade with the Vodafone campaign managers to make sure the graphics and operation is running efficiently.
  • Monster had alot of input in this campaign in terms of creativity. (what the Digi-vans are capable of.) & made some great suggestions on best ways to run the campaign on the day.

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