Digital Bus Shelter Advertising

Digital bus shelter advertising puts your brand message at street level for maximum exposure.

Digital bus shelter advertising is a powerful platform and can be at the heart of your digital OHH campaign strategy. Digital bus shelters convey your message to consumers in a compelling way, 24 hours a day.

Digital OOH Advertising Formats

Why Digital Bus Stop & Shelter Advertising?

Utilising the latest digital display technology and Digital bus stop and shelter screens (Adshells) is a great way to reach your audience as a stand-alone format and can be used in combination with other media (such as our Advans) to really dominate a specified area.

Due to their high footfall placements and high street presence and digital flexibility, this modern take on a tried and tested, cost-effective form of DOOH media.

Bus shelter advertising is highly scalable. The format delivers a low cost of entry that is ideal for local groups and small businesses, but the sheer breadth of exposure makes these ads attractive to large brands as well.

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Digital Bus Shelter Advertising

Creative Control

You can create a campaign that is specific to the individual display and use this information to modify your creative.

Digital Bus Shelter Advertising

Adaptive Environments

Campaigns can be given a live feel and remain fresh by constantly changing the creative.

Digital Bus Shelter Advertising

Real-time Data

Use positional data to fetch a live data feed (e.g. weather) that is tailored to the exact location of your creative.

Reaching your Target Audience

Dynamic Content Delivery

The screens utilise the latest technology in DOOH media. motion detection, touchscreen and facial recognition help make it an exciting platform with which to engage consumers.

With expert planning campaigns can even react to real world events such as weather conditions or even display social feeds delivering unique tailored content at the right time to the right audience.

Audience Reach

Digital bus stops advertising gives you the ability to run campaigns on a national or local level, to target specific cities or towns, demographics and age groups.

Each digital screen is wirelessly connected which means you can place your tailored creative in front of the general public very quickly.

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