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Digital OOH advertising formats are a cost-effective way of providing invaluable campaign support.

Digital OOH advertising opportunities allow you to deliver messages across multiple sites. Backlit and impactful, these sites offer advertisers 24-hour message delivery to pedestrians and motorists alike.

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Digital OOH Targeted Campaigns

Utilising the latest DOOH advertising technology, digital phone boxes allow any advertiser to really control the delivery of their campaign.

You can change the artwork in real-time depending on environmental variables such as weather, time or even ambient light conditions.  And for a really effective campaign, you can co-ordinate it with any routes planned for a mobile billboard campaign.

This can help to increase consumer recognition and engagement.

Digital OOH Flexible Messaging

Our planners can help you identify your audience and help you tailor the message for your Digital OOH advertising. For instance, we can help you reach shoppers on the High street at the most influential stage in the buying process.

Or speak to commuters going through the city on their way to work or even provide directions.

Digital OOH Audience Reach

Phone boxes are still popular with tourists and actually enjoy a higher-than-expected level of usage in cities, busy towns and villages.

Digital phone boxes are often multi-functional, acting as Wi-Fi hotspots, cash machines, post boxes or parcel delivery and collection points!

This proves that phone boxes provide a form of digital OOH advertising with new, exciting and dynamic options.

Digital OOH Advertising

Digital Phone Boxes

As with everything else advertising the UK network of public telephone boxes have gone digital, giving you the ability to give your Digital OOH advertising campaign a roadside presence.

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digital Phone Box advertising
digital Phone Box advertising
digital phone box advertising
digital phone box advertising

Digital OOH Advertising

Digital Bus Stops & Shelters

Utilising the latest digital display technology, Digital bus stop and shelter screens (Adshells) are a great way to reach your audience as a stand-alone format.
They can be also used in combination with other media (such as our Advans) to really dominate a specified area.
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Introducing The Loop

The Loops gives your brand the opportunity to engage with the right people at the right time by targeting businesses hubs, high demand retail destinations and thriving cultural leisure spots.

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Unprecedented Technology

Use Digital Out Of Home media with the latest Loop technology including Full Motion, Facial Detection, HD Cameras, Live Video Streaming, Live Data & Social Media Feeds, Dynamic Audio and SimplyFi fastest and free WiFi.

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