Digital Phone Box Advertising

Digital Phone Box Advertising brings your message to street level for maximum impact.

Digital phone box advertising lets you deliver your messages to pedestrians and motorists alike. They are often on busy arterial routes, and this means they are seen by thousands of consumers every day.

Digital OOH Advertising Formats

The power of Digital Phone Box Advertising

The UK network of public telephone boxes has gone digital. Now part of the digital OOH revolution they mean you the ability to give your campaign a roadside presence.

Situated along busy roads and high streets throughout the UK, these are a modern take on the classic wrapped phone box of the nineties.

This means they are a great way to compliment any Advan Campaign and help you saturate any given area with your brand, product or message.

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Digital Phone Box Advertising

Targeted Campaigns

With locations on major routes and high streets phone box advertising can also be heavily targeted and can work on location proximity.

Digital Phone Box Advertising

Impression based Pricing

Each phone box is catalogued for exposure and impressions, letting you target high footfall areas specific to a location for a greater return on ad spend.

Digital Phone Box Advertising

Cost Effective

Digital phone box advertising as a medium is new to most advertisers, meaning it’s a cost effective method of spreading marketing messages far and wide for little cost.

Digital Phone Box Advertising


Telephone box advertising has a key advantage over many other out-of-home advertising channels in that they are at eye-level and situated within pavements and walkways making them unmissable.

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