We helped promote the re-launch of American burger franchise Fatburger in Croydon. The burgers have become popular amongst celebrities like Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Queen Latifah, sadly we couldn’t bring them with us but our marketing approach certainly had customers through the doors.

The fast food industry is fierce, competitive and growing so brand new owners Anum, Naeem and Abdullah wanted to use something very unique for their offline marketing activity.

We managed to bring in a lot of footfall through the doors with our out-of-home advertising.
Collaborating with a multinational franchise such as Fatburger shows that no matter what industry you are in, offering a unique perspective pays off. We showcased what burger lovers could expect from the restaurant and give them a taste of what the burgers look like. Those who had to wait in the queues were still entertained by our digital advertising van.

The new owners have shown interest in expanding, commenting on the plans Anum said: “We have another five potential franchisees interested and we expect that eventually there will be around 25 restaurants in the UK.”

Originally Fatburger began in 1952 situated in California. Fast forward now and as it stands there are currently around 200 Fatburger restaurants in 33 countries worldwide. There are plans for another 300 outlets over the coming years, now that’s a lot of burgers.

The team have recently announced the next location will be Dundee and will open within the next three months. After that, the next one looks likely to be in Wales, but that will be next year.
Even brands that have a great reputation require marketing efforts and the need to be innovative. There are so many companies that continue to rely on out of date methods and risk losing their audience. When launching a business model we put the audience first.