GDK (German Doner Kebab) is an international franchise of fast food that has aimed to create a healthy and nutritionally balanced approach to traditional kebabs. Established in Berlin in 1989 GDK has grown to have an international presence with stores operating in 7 countries including the UK, Ireland, and Canada.

We have worked with GDK on a number of promotions over the years and they recently contacted us to help promote another franchise opening in Bromley, London.

The solution

To help raise awareness of the store opening we decided to operate a 2-day campaign around the Broley area. hitting high footfall areas, business, and retail parks.
In conjunction with promoting the store, GDK enlisted the influence of love island star, Anton Danyluk where the public could take part in making a kebab with the star.


The campaign received a lot of interest from the general public with queues forming down the street on opening day.

GDK Advan