Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is the fifth-largest police service in the United Kingdom and is responsible for law enforcement within the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester in North West England.  Their public information and comms contacted us with a desire to raise awareness of property theft. September is the busiest period for students moving to or returning to their respective universities and with some coming from non-metropolitan areas they may not be aware of the dangers and steps that can be taken to ensure they are not the victims of theft within the inner city.

The solution

Manchester has the UK’s largest student population outside of London with over 100 thousand being drawn to the borough by the 3 major universities. Most students will live within the suburbs of Fallowfield and Withington which can be a hotspot for local crime. Therefore Monster & GMP decided to target these areas to make the public aware of how they can protect themselves from potential criminals that may be in the area with an emphasis on “Keeping belongings safe”, “don’t display electronics when not in use” and much more common sense advice.


The campaign ran over 14 days and was enhanced by the presence of local PCSO’s who were on hand to offer advice and answer any questions that the public may have.

Manchester Police Advan
Manchester Police Advan