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Ban Trophy Hunting

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Ban Trophy Hunting is a charity organisation that is dedicated to ending the practice of killing animals. They approached us at Monster Displays to discuss the possibility of converting their traditional poster Advan into a digital one. They were looking for a more cost-effective way to create new advertising content, as paper mobile billboards can be expensive to update and print.


Ban Trophy Hunting needed a way to effectively communicate their message to the public in a way that would capture attention and inspire action. They were looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to promote their campaign and increase awareness of their cause.


We worked with Ban Trophy Hunting to strip the dated poster Advan and replace it with a lightweight aluminium structure. We installed a high-quality P5 cabinet and equipped the digital Advan with a powerful generator to ensure that it would have enough power to function effectively. We converted the poster into a digital display and provided the client with comprehensive training on how to operate and use the mobile billboard effectively.


Ban Trophy Hunting has been using their new digital Advan to promote their campaign in central London, and the new mobile billboard has been featured on news outlets across the country. The client has been able to quickly and easily create and upload new advertising content in the form of JPEG or MP4 files, which has resulted in a more cost-effective and efficient way to promote their cause.


This case study showcases the power of digital mobile billboards in promoting a cause and increasing awareness of a campaign. By converting their traditional poster Advan to a digital one, Ban Trophy Hunting was able to effectively communicate their message in a cost-effective and efficient way. If you’re looking for a unique and impactful way to promote your campaign or cause, contact us at Monster Displays today to see how we can help you achieve your advertising goals.