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Lyca, a leading telecommunications company, approached our mobile billboard company with the aim of promoting their services and upcoming events across Europe in a creative and effective way. They had previously hired mobile billboards from us and had seen great results from their campaigns. However, this time they were looking for something different, which was a custom-built mobile billboard solution that would meet their unique requirements.


The main challenge was to design and build high-quality 3-sided mobile billboards that could effectively promote Lyca’s brand and events across Europe. The billboards had to be designed according to Lyca’s unique specifications, and it was important to ensure that the design was eye-catching and attention-grabbing.


After thoroughly understanding Lyca’s requirements, we came up with a bespoke solution to meet their needs. We designed and built five 3-sided mobile billboards using top-quality P5 LED screens. Each mobile billboard was custom-built to meet Lyca’s unique specifications and requirements.

We provided Lyca with technical training and support to ensure they could operate the mobile billboards effectively. We also ensured that the mobile billboards were equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which allowed Lyca to track the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time.


Lyca’s mobile billboard campaigns using our custom-built mobile billboards were a great success. The billboards were strategically placed in high-traffic areas across Europe, and they effectively promoted Lyca’s brand and events. This resulted in increased brand awareness and footfall at their events.

Lyca was extremely satisfied with the purchase of the mobile billboards from us, and the results they achieved from their campaigns. They were particularly impressed with the custom-built solution that we provided, and the level of technical support we offered.


Custom-built mobile billboards are an effective way to promote your brand and events. By working with us, Lyca was able to achieve great results and increase their brand awareness across Europe. If you’re looking for high-quality, bespoke mobile billboard solutions, contact us today, and we’ll help you achieve your advertising goals.