Created by the “Passion in world farming” organisation, “Stop live transport” is the public name for “The Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day”. The event takes place every year in June with campaigners promising to continue until the live transportation of livestock ends. Every year, millions of farm animals are transported hundreds, or even thousands of miles, only to be slaughtered on arrival or fattened.

The event has three key objectives;

  • Ban transport in the UK for slaughter and fattening
  • 8-hour journey limit within the EU
  • Ban live exports from the EU to non-EU countries

Organisers contacted us in order to help support this Years International Awareness Day in London. The event took place on the 14th June 2019 with co-ordinated events taking place throughout the world.

The solution

We provided the organisers with a number of vans to help provide a great visual impact, whilst the on board speakers helped boost their PA systems during lectures and Q&As, as well as an attention holding backdrop for each speaker.


The campaign received local and national press coverage, and also helped to raise public engagement, with many passers-by noting the visual impact of the vans leading them to ask questions about the cause and become engaged.

Stop Live Transport Advan
Stop Live Transport Advan